by The Conduit



released February 12, 2016



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The Conduit Los Angeles, California

The Conduit is a heavy progressive metal project designed for listeners who desire detail, proficiency, and captivation. Each song is comprised of sacred geometrical sequences, Fibonacci rhythmic motives, and meticulously head bang-able time signatures. The Conduit is evolving to accommodate its listeners by sharing love, intellectual stimulation, and refined musical ideology. ... more

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Track Name: Fate No Longer
Conquering each life,
The souls I take
Adrift in the dead of nightfall
Now entrenching me
I seek no light.

I emanate wrath
With inflamed tides
Of casualties in numbers
That bring my vengeance to life.
I'll take whats mine.

Revise this operation:
Paradigms of delusion.
Destroy minute relations,
With your path of division yeah.


I will unite you with the fire
Cleansed in the blood of truth.
Not until the pain is brought,
Will you reinvent this world we know.

Naturally I'm taken,
By my inclination toward supreme reason.

Quiet my senses.
Surrender expectations.

I am in the mist no more
Of that which I've relied,
Drifting out in the ocean at night .
Gravity the treacherous fate no longer endured.
You'll say it's nothing,
But I've never felt so sure.
Track Name: Beta Kitten
Invoke paranoia. Avail no relief.
Symmetric alters both so unclear to me.
Release through cathartic games of malcontent.
You seek the kingdom I'll deny each request.

Both eyes closed.
Sever each scar
and you'll know
how we'll restart.

Remain who we are
Despite death.

Lacerate. make your mark.
This is the soul I've relinquished.
It's eyes reflect
Diamonds in the sky.

Whispers reveal
Brand new horizons,
To elate
refracted spirits...
Just open the door.

It's shadows touch implores consent.
I'll never see the hand for what its worth...
I've felt it enough, I've fallen enough to own its curse.
Track Name: Violet
The same questions remain unspoken.
I want to know if you still feel so broken,
that currents of contempt stir inside you.
Need I remind you? Deep down, you're the one I trust.

I never want this door to open.
I live fantasies when you just want the facts.
You know I could never have enough.
Do I make you feel like giving up?

I take it that this is the end.
I'd remake this and break it again.
Suppose I'm not quite cut out to be aligned
with the narrative you want me to hide behind.

When you're with me do you still feel alone?
I'd pay eternities if I could take it back.
You know that I've kept all of your notes,
Despite those hurtful words I chose.

And I'm sure by know you know.
Trivialities and photos show you that
it's not so hard to appear unscathed,
but underneath there's no more soul to take.

There are archons that I live amidst,
I'll never try to hide it.
Track Name: Doom and Splendor
I'll only stay so long,
I'll wait centuries and more.
Open the door.

Exhume my mind

Embers appear sentient,
Like fireflies...
Leave me here
Stuck in my prison of desire,

And soon my life
will incinerate.

Always, I'll invite illumination, without syntax.
Innately, I'll transcend the flesh,
I'll resume pure correspondence.
Track Name: Silver Lake
Causality is there,
In the lesions we share.
Two burning bodies,
One prison to a soul in despair.

Possession is self evident,
I wont sleep another night before you consecrate this pact.

Fuck yeah.

We were chosen,
Orchestrated, preconceived collision.
Assumptions open,
Weaponizing counter-intuition.

This process serves us.
Now is the right time.
Take one step closer.
Reach for each other.

Reading my indications,
Lips and eyes triangulate your stare.
Reach inside and recreate me.
All our thoughts permeate the air.

We resonate at pitch black frequency renditions.
Our minds share an architect of parallel existence,
Behind this memory of origin he fabricates.
A mortals pride the size of god, programming children.

A central mind corresponding with natures will
through secret doctrines passed by transcendental occult channels.
The unseen forces electrify the circuits of my soul and mind,
Transpired in this synchronicity.